Significant Male and Female Nutritional Support

As we age, our bodies undergo various hormonal shifts, the natural age related programmed ones as well as those due to the complex web of influencing factors of life style, diet, exercise, environment, perceptions, state of mind, etc. For instance, occupational toxic exposure often affects the fertility of men. And long-term use of estrogen containing compounds, birth control pills for women, besides effecting a hormonal imbalance involving the thyroid, pituitary, adrenals, and progesterone insufficiency, reduces levels of vitamin B-6, magnesium, zinc and essential fatty acids. Exogenous estrogen as such may also predispose for venous inflammation, and yeast infections. Setting up an effective protocol becomes very difficult. The following are some products that Biotics Research has developed over the years that are sufficiently multifaceted for the system to better rebalance itself.     

Gammanol Forte with FRAC is an excellent example. See your June 1999 newsletter. It is used clinically where there is PMS, menopausal symptoms, athletic amenorrhea, exposure to free radical generators such as chemicals and x-rays, elevated blood lipids, low blood pressure, hypoadrenia, eating disorders, gastritis, gastric ulcers, depression, obsessive/compulsive disorder, severe nervous tension and the need for fat burning. Be sure to see the enclosure describing supplementation increasing growth hormone production in women on the unpublished original research of David Brownstein MD. Gamma oryzanol is obviously utilized by more than one regulatory system. 

In an article, "Effect of g-Oryzanol on Serum Lipid Peroxide Level and Clinical Symptoms of Patients With Climacteric Disturbances," Ishihara M, Asia-Oceania J Obstet Gynaecol, September, 1984;10(3):317-323, three hundred milligrams per day of gamma-Oryzanol, a triterpene alcohol ester of ferulic acid extracted from rice bran or germ oil, was given for 4-8 weeks to 40 patients with climacteric disturbances who were at least 40 years of age.  In 85% of the 40 cases, there was a definite improvement in symptoms, such as vasomotor complaints, weakness, arthralgia, myalgia, headaches and symptoms closely tied to psychiatric factors, such as insomnia, nervousness and melancholia.  In patients with climacteric disturbances, initially high serum lipid peroxide levels were reduced significantly by the administration of gamma-Oryzanol. Gamma-Oryzanol also improved total cholesterol, triglycerides and HDL-cholesterol in cases of hyperlipidemia.  The atherogenic indexes were also reduced.  No side effects were noted. As such it is ideal in many ways for both men and women's needs today. 

Bio-Soy Flavones - Werbach/Moss say to eat plants rich in phytoestrogens - soy, fennel, celery, parsley, clover sprouts, high lignan flaxseed oil, nuts and seeds. Textbook of Nutritional Medicine, 1999 

Soy foods are generally low in sodium and rich in iron, B vitamins, calcium and trace minerals and are equivalent to animal products as sources of protein and are high in fiber and free of cholesterol.  Soy shows to be beneficial in improving menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, cognitive disorders and, possibly, emotional disturbances and may have preventive effects against heart disease and osteoporosis.  Soy protein has shown benefit in lowering total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol. Here again we see some of the same broad support we see from gamma Oryzanol. Soybeans contain significant amounts of isoflavones, which are phytoestrogens that are thought to be beneficial.  Phytoestrogens are similar in chemical structure to the female hormone estrogen, but are considered weak estrogens that have both estrogenic and anti-estrogenic effects.  Soy protein, unlike estrogen, does not increase the risk of breast or endometrial cancer and may reduce the risk. The two major isoflavones are genistein and daidzein. In a recent study, "Soy: Nature's Estrogen," Jackson K, PA Today, January, 1999;28-33, 104 postmenopausal women requested treatment for hot flashes. 51 of the women were given 60 g/day of isolated soy protein for 12 weeks and the other group received 60 g/day of casein. The casein group had a 30% decrease in hot flashes while the soy group had a 45% decrease with effects noticeable within 2 weeks.  In a pilot study, "Hormonal Effect of Isoflavones," Eden J, et al, Am J Clin Nutr, 1998;68, 9 women given 160 mg of isoflavones for 12 weeks showed that the daily flush count and the menopausal Green score were reduced from 6.7 flushes/day to 3.4 flushes/day and from 18.7 to 9.3, respectively.  The authors conclude that isoflavone products could be therapeutically useful for women with mild-to-moderate menopausal symptoms. Again note the capacity of the system as it can draw from these various good supplemental sources to more effectively balance itself. 

b-Vital - (See enclosed sheet on b-Vital). This is a product mostly for men but good for women also because of the specific significance of testosterone levels in men and women. In a study,  "Testosterone May Help to Restore Sex Drive During Menopause," McKinney M, Medical Tribune, November 5, 1998;39(19):18, it was noted that up to 60% of women during menopause experience a significant decline in sexual function. This may occur with or without estrogen replacement therapy.  Sex drive increased significantly more in women whose hormone replacement therapy included an androgen such as testosterone than in those who received estrogen alone or a combination of estrogen and progesterone.  Androgens may also help with hot flashes, muscle loss, fatigue and lethargy. Preliminary data suggest that androgen replacement may reduce breast cancer risk, but it is too early to draw a conclusion.  Note enclosed flyer on b-Vital significantly increasing testosterone levels in men and the positive role testosterone plays in cardiovascular disease, serum lipids, stroke, blood clotting, diabetes, and glucose and insulin levels. 

Detoxification to improve fertility -."Occupational Reproductive Hazards," Paul, Maureen, The Lancet, May 10, 1997;349:1385-1388, discussed how male libido may be reduced or impotence may result from heavy metal poisoning or exposure to estrogenic substances. For liver/colon detoxification consider Nutri-Clear, 2-3x day, Livotrit Plus 1/3x, Beta TCP 3/3x, Colon Plus Caps 5/3x, Lymphatic Drainage 1x and M.C.S. 1/2x.  

Impotence is affected by HDL cholesterol.  "Total Cholesterol and High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol as Important Predictors of Erectile Dysfunction", Wei, Ming, et al, American Journal of Epidemiology, 1994; 140:930-7. These studies evaluated 3,250 men, 26 to 83 years of age, without erectile dysfunction at their first visit and were followed from 6 to 48 months.  Erectile dysfunction was reported in 2.2% during follow-up. For every mmol/liter increase in total cholesterol, there was a 1.32 times the risk of erectile dysfunction. For every mmol/liter of increase in HDL cholesterol there was an associated 0.38 times the risk. The authors conclude hat high levels of total cholesterol and low levels of HDL cholesterol are important risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Refer back again to the first abstract on gamma Oryzanol and lipid peroxidation. Also note the nutritional ingredients in Palmetto Plus (see enclosure) for supporting prostate's functional role and impotence. And Argizyme enhances nitric oxide production to better initiate the male climactic.  

There are excellent protocols developed by top clinicians around the country for many specific male and female problems using these Biotics Research products mentioned. Other specific products often recommended include: Equi-Fem, PMT, Osteo-B Plus, B-12/Folate4, Vitamin E,  Liquid Iodine, Black Currant Seed Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Mixed EFA. Call (800) 524-5183 for further information.

Exercise - one of the best therapies for men and women: "Prescribe Exercise at the Onset of Menopause," Goldman, Erik L., Family Practice News, November 1, 1997; 24.  Many of the benefits of hormone replacement therapy can be achieved with the use of exercise alone. Exercise regulates body weight, lowers blood pressure, and has a positive impact on lipid profiles. Exercise can also slow bone resorption, reduce hot flashes, and improve depression and anxiety. Aerobic exercise can do more than estrogen replacement therapy with regard to increasing peripheral insulin sensitivity and enhancing aerobic fitness by increasing the maximal oxygen capacity. Estrogen alone will not improve cardiovascular fitness. Moderate activity is all that is needed to reduce mortality. Moderate activity is what an individual can comfortably perform in 15 to 60 minutes per day, 3 to 5 times a week. The author notes that 30 to 60 minutes 5 times a week is ideal. Patients will benefit from a combination of aerobic, endurance-oriented and strength-training exercise. Pearl: Exercise helps move the lymph that moves degenerative toxins out.  

Note Moderate Price Increase: After being able to hold prices for two years, the price increase mentioned in the December newsletter is reflected on the enclosed orderblank. Note that not all products have been increased in price and that Lipoic Acid has even been decreased in price.