Cold and Flu Season

"Dietary Selenium: Time to Act," Margaret P. Rayman, D.Phil, British Medical Journal, February 8, 1997;314:387-388. Significant selenium deficiency such as is found in China, causes Keshan disease (a cardiomyopathy) and Kashin Beck disease (a deforming arthritis).  There is some evidence that sub- clinical deficiency may increase the risk of cancer, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.  Higher cancer incidence has been found in U.S. counties with lower levels of soil selenium.  In a recently-completed U.S. study that randomized 1,312 patients to receive a placebo or 200 mcg of selenium a day, cancer mortality was 50% lower in those receiving selenium, with mortality from cancers of the prostate and lung being particularly reduced. 

Selenium is at the active center of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which removes hydrogen peroxide and damaging lipid and phospholipid hydroperoxides generated in vivo by free radicals and other oxygen-derived species.  If not removed, lipid hydroperoxides can decompose to give further reactive free-radicals, hydrocarbon gasses and cytotoxic aldehydes including the very noxious 4-hydroxynonenal. Among other deleterious actions, 4-hydroxynonenal is believed to alter the structure of LDL so that it is taken up at high rates by macrophage "scavenger receptors." Cholesterol thus rapidly accumulates within the macrophage and may convert it into a foam cell.  These foam cells are the constituents of fatty streaks that are the first signs of atherosclerosis, the cause of cardiovascular disease.

A role of selenium in rheumatic conditions would relate to its function as an antioxidant. Reactive oxygen species, such as superoxide are generated within the rheumatoid joint through movement-mediated, pressure-induced ischemia-reperfusion injury and give rise to increased levels of lipid peroxidation products within the synovial fluid.  Selenium as component of glutathione peroxidase might help reduce the level of lipid peroxides in the joint. (See Biotics Research GSH-Plus and the other reduced glutathione containing products in the ingredient index of our catalogue. If you need a new catalogue, please call.)

Selenium plays an important role in the control of thyroid hormone metabolism.  The iodothyronine deiodinases, which are responsible for the conversion of thyroxine (T4) to its active form triiodothyronine (T3), are selenoenzymes.  Selenium deficiency may cause reduced growth rates owing to a feedback response that lowers T3-mediated synthesis of growth hormone in the pituitary, while a combined deficiency of selenium and iodine exacerbates hypothyroidism. Low energy levels affect immune function. 

"Scary Study: Selenium Deficiency Causes Flu Virus to Mutate Into More Dangerous Forms," Williamson D, FASEB J, June 8, 2001. There is evidence that relatively harmless viruses, such as coxsackie virus, can mutate to a virulent form by passing through a selenium-deficient host. Diets deficient in either selenium or vitamin E allow a benign coxsackievirus to convert to virulence. The virulent form of coxsackie virus is believed to be responsible for the endemic cardiomyopathy known as Keshan disease in selenium-deficient areas of China. This development of virulence in selenium deficiency has been mooted as an explanation for the first appearance of HIV in Zaire, a country with a selenium-deficient population and for the appearance of new strains of influenza in China. In a mouse model, the influenza virus that has been passed through mice deficient in selenium mutates and emerges from the mice more virulent than before. The authors are concerned that nutritional deficiencies may promote epidemics in a way not fully understood before. 

In "Selenium (Se) Deficiency Results in Viral Virulence," Levander, O. and Beck, M., Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 1996;15(5):520/Abstract 25; and "Nutrition and Newly Emerging Viral Diseases:  An Overview," Levander, Orville A., Journal of Nutrition, 1997;127:948S-950S, he continues on how infectious diseases are increasing worldwide.  For RNA viruses, host nutriture can affect the genetic make-up of the pathogen and alter its virulence.  With vitamin E or selenium deficiency, they note there is increased virulence of coxsackie virus B3.  If the findings for the coxsackie virus are applicable to other RNA viruses, it could have significant public health consequences since the RNA viruses constitute the majority of all plant, animal and human viruses.

Se-Zyme and Se-Zyme Forte respectively contain 25 and 100 mcg of selenium in a vegetable culture. The methylene blue test demonstrates it to be 100% organically bound and bioavailable. Colds and Flu are normally viral. Selenium is often referred to as the birth control for virus. Selenium is a critical part of a much larger picture. We have 28 products with selenium in them.  Incidentally, signs of selenosis are hair loss, changes in nails, nausea and vomiting and mottled and pitted teeth. These signs begin to appear at above 750 mcg/day.  It would be well advised to stay considerably below this level

ADP - 50 mg of emulsified oil of oregano (a minimum of 70% carvacol) per tablet with average particle size of 0.5 microns in a delayed release mechanism where the typical covered by 4 tablets is 260 square meters, or one digestive tract. There is good supporting literature. "The Inhibition of Candida Albicans by Oregano", John Stiles, William Sparks and Robert Ronzio, Journal of Applied Nutrition, Vol. 47, #4(1995): "Inhibition if Enteric Parasites by Emulsified Oregano in vivo", Mark Force, William Sparks, and Robert Ronzio, Phytotherpy Research 14, 213-214 (2000). Patent coverage: US patent #5.955,086, "The use of Oregano and its essential oil in the treatment of intestinal parasites and protozoa", Daryl DeLuca, William Sparks, Robert Ronzio and Denis DeLuca, issued September 21, 1999 assigned to Biotics Research Corporation with European patent pending. The following are some of the enterobacteria and diseases associated with overgrowth. These include Escherichia coli with infections of gallbladder, kidney and urinary tract; Aerobacter aerogenes with acute diarrhea, gastroenteritis and enteric fever; Klebsiella pneumonia with secondary invader bronchitis and influenza; Shingella (genus) with dysentery (large intestine) and Streptoccous with infections of the throat. Infections include pneumococcal endocarditis, peritonitis, arthritis, bronchopneumonia, tracheobronchitis, pleura, and acute otitis media and acute senusitis. Clinicians also report its usefulness for upper respiratory bacterial infections at 5 tablets, 3 times a day just before meals for one week and then 3 tablets 3 times a day for 4 weeks. After 14 days on ADP, add Lactozyme and/or Colon Plus Capsules.

Coenzyme Q 10 - CoQ-Zyme Forte: Published reports by many investigators decisively indicate that a dose-response dependent relationship exists for coenzyme Q 10 as well as many other agents when it comes to immunomodulating activity. The fact that the amount of ATP present for immediate energy release purposes is in a strict dose-response relationship with the amount of coenzyme Q 10 present, fits in well with the amount of immediate energy it takes to regulate and run a healthy immune system.    

Bio-Immunozyme Forte is a highly recommended multiple with it's 50 mcg of selenium from vegetable culture and selenomethionine, phosphorylated B vitamins ( a phosphorous of ATP is already hooked on), Vitamins A &E (already emulsified for immediate bioavailability), Vitamin C, minerals, neonatal glandulars, etc. It is well designed as a daily multiple supplemental for support of the immune system without danger of causing an imbalance that can throw off an immune system. Note: it contains no iron so as not to add to excessive free radical activity. When under the duress of colds and/or flu, consider also (see enclosed protocol) Bio-AE Mulsion Forte, Bio-C Plus 1000, IAG (Dissolves in water. Arabinoglactans have been shown to enhance natural killer cells, increase production of other cytokines including tumor, necrosis factor, interleukins, interferon-beta, and phagocytic activity.), Ultra Vir-X, the 21st Century Homeopathics and Bio-FCTS. If fever is present, include CA/MG Zyme.

There is no doubt how critically important it is to have an optimal functioning immune system. It is recognized that most bacteria and pathogens are opportunistic and lie dormant in most until the conditions are "right", such as a selenium deficiency. It's our common experience that when we are run down or stressed that we have the best chance of getting sick and that when we have our sense of well being, we usually don't get sick that easy. A sense of well being is a combination of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The stress of recent events and the possibility of any type of germ warfare used as a scare tactic are sure reasons to boost an already compromised immune system. 

For years various practitioners that have recommended Bio-Immunozyme Forte at 2 a day as the standard multiple for every patient year round, do it mainly because they see a quicker response to treatment. Family, friends and referrals want to be placed on the same regiment. In any such positive setting, patients are able to get attached because they can see and feel the difference in their health which is part of a good healing modality.  Individuals are more susceptible to viruses when deficient in selenium, vitamins E and C, glutathione, etc.  The "conquering" of infectious disease may be more achievable by enhancing the individual's immune system through such supplementation than through new pharmaceuticals. The importance of exercise and the eating of whole, unrefined foods cannot be overemphasized. The nutrients Bio-Immunozyme Forte supply also foster a sense of well being on the physical level. This feeling may be doing more to heal and protect the patient than medicine today gives it credit. Our technical literature confirms that we have included the best combination of nutrients we can find. Be sure to read this information and ask for a sample. Start your patients on Bio-Immunozyme Forte today. It will prove a wise choice.