Chem. Sensitivities

The public has become very much aware of chemical sensitivities, especially since the Gulf War.  The search is on for what to do about it and why some are so sensitive and others are not. Chemical sensitivities are basically due to the body's inability to clear various materials that have accumulated such that the system now adversely reacts to an increasing number of things. It could have been one drastic insult and/or the result of cumulative exposure. The clearing pathways are overwrought. Now even normally benign materials become a problem. Suggestions of "glass bubble" environments to lessen contamination are obviously not practical and usually would not solve the problem anyhow since so many ordinary foods and material show sensitivity. Emotion and stress also need to be addressed (ADHS often helps) because of their affect on digestion and assimilation. While lifestyle changes are necessary to lessen exposure in one's diet and/or the environment, the critical part lies in knowing how to repair, clear and support the pathways of detoxification and elimination. Having the correct homeopathic and nutritional support is very helpful. 

Products to specifically support pathways of ingestion and clearing and the critical antioxidant protection needed while doing so. The following is a brief description of some of these products pictured on the reverse that you should be aware of. The task is not overwhelming with good tools and understanding of the process. Weight loss is usually from the loss of toxin build up, inflammation, etc.  The Clinician's View of Biotics Research Products gives insight on products clinicians find to work best.

NutriClear was designed as a meal replacement powder product to support detoxification and healing in the gastrointestinal tract and detoxification of the liver. It is a biologically active, hypoallergenic clearing formula for use with "leaky gut syndrome", digestive inflammation (ulcers, food sensitivity), rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions where a 5 to 7 day clearing procedure is desired. To ensure hepatic clearing, always use with Livotrit Plus and Beta-TCP or Beta Plus.      

MCS (Metabolic Clearing Support) is a unique dietary supplement designed to balance Phase I And Phase II detoxification pathways. It combines vitamins, sulfur bearing amino acids, parotid tissue, herbal adaptogens, etc, to especially support Phase II (the making of toxins water soluble for renal clearance) for all cells and especially the liver. Go with only 1 or 2 capsules a day if the patient is especially toxic.

IPS (Intestinal Permeability Support) is designed to stimulate growth and repair of the intestinal mucosa as well as aiding in gut detoxification. Each capsule contains glutamine, glucosamine sulfate, Tillandsia root, Gamma Oryzanol, glutathione, Jerusalem artichoke, Lamb intestine concentrate and vegetable cellulase. 

Livotrit Plus contains 6 Ayurvedic herbs, milk thistle and trace minerals from sugar cane juice (the Wulzen Anti-Stiffness Factor). It should always be used with Beta-TCP or Beta-Plus to insure bile viscosity is thin to allow toxins a route out of the system. Start with 1/3x and increase slowly to 3/3x.

Beta TCP is a source of organic whole beet concentrate (without the bile salts as is in Beta Plus), and also contains vitamin C from a beet source, taurine and pancrealipase and is best used where there is biliary stasis. If about to flush the liver in any way, 2-3 tablets per meal is highly recommended.

Porphyra-Zyme is a biologically active vegetable culture designed to chelate heavy metals and atherosclerotic plaque. Consider 4 tablets 3 times a day on an empty stomach. With inflammation use with Intenzyme Forte. With long term use, use with Multi-Mins as a hedge against mineral depleting.

BioProtect is a multiple nutrient formula designed to provide broad-spectrum antioxidant support. It helps prevent free radical damage from pollution, tobacco smoke, synthetic building materials, electromagnetic radiation, and psychological and physical stress. 1-2 capsules 3x a day are suggested. When higher levels of antioxidant protection are required use with GSH-Plus at 1/3x a day with meals. Lipoic acid is a good addition where neuropathy shows from excessive free radical activity because it is fat and water-soluble.

21st Century Homeopathics are an integral part of specific detoxification and clearing needs ranging from lymphatic drainage, stress, virus, environment, heavy metals, fungal/yeast, to bacterial and parasites.